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Hardwood HK Limited is a Hong Kong woodworking studio run by an architect. We are one of the most experienced wood contractors in Hong Kong. We source and import ourselves beautiful untreated wood from Europe and Northern America to our Hong Kong workshop where it’s being crafted into high end custom furniture. We work on commercial projects but also deliver furniture to individual clients. Kiln dried slabs and furniture grade lumber is available in our Hong Kong warehouse. Custom wholesale orders can be delivered by sea or air. The company was founded by an architect with passion for woodworking.

Hardwood Hong Kong
Hardwood Hong Kong

Our products

We build all our furniture in traditional way in our HK workshop using only best natural materials. Over the years we have worked with a number of clients and designers which gave us a chance to design quite a few products. We tried to catalogue them here in groups to give you a better idea what we can build for you. These are our designs that we have built before. Most of the products are made to order and can be customized to match your needs. During the past few years we have built custom desks, bespoke shelves, slab tables, conference room tables, custom beds, as well as living room & dining tables, bespoke kitchen furniture and also custom bar furniture.


Slab tables

Slab tables were for a long time main focus of our company. We have imported huge boards from Europe and other places around the world to create highly desired tables here in Hong Kong. There is something very special in slab tables, each tree is different, each board cut from a table is a bit different, you get all the color tones, grain variations, knots, veins, burl. A slab table can be like a map or a graphic. They are not cheap but by getting one you can be sure nobody will have a table like you. Solid wood tables have also this advantage that if done properly will last for decades. A scratch on surface made by your kid is just a mark from your family history, it won’t look like a damage, it will just give it more character, but if you decide after few years that the top doesn’t look fresh it can be sanded and refinished to look just like new. Over the years we played with many details, we did brass inlays, we filled the cracks with resin, we did epoxy river tables and glass inlay river tables. We have worked with many types of wood, each with different properties. Below you can see some of our previous projects, please be inspired but also keep in mind that each slab is different. We will try to help you to make YOUR own table but it will be different than our previous works as each slab is one of a kind.

Hardwood Hong Kong
Hardwood Hong Kong

Residential projects

At Hardwood HK, our focus has always been on creating high-quality furniture from natural materials for homes in Hong Kong. We have a passion for bringing the warmth and beauty of wood into local homes, and take pride in working closely with our clients to bring their visions to life.
Whether you’re looking for a single piece, such as a shoe cabinet, coffee table, or cabinet, or you want to furnish an entire room or apartment, we are here to help. We work with some of the best interior designers in Hong Kong and can provide design guidance or develop custom concepts based on your needs.

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Conference tables

Over the years we got a chance to build some big challenging conference tables with built in audio – visual systems, lift up mechanisms, cable trays, power sockets etc. As our workshop is located on ground floor the size of the table is not an issue. See some of our works below, each table is absolutely unique.

Hardwood Hong Kong
Hardwood Hong Kong

Commercial projects

We work closely with Hong Kong-based designers and business owners to bring their visions to life with our custom-made solid wood furniture. Our products not only enhance the existing design, but also become the focal point of any space. From massive natural edge tables to custom pieces that showcase the beauty of wood as a material, we offer a wide range of high-quality products. Our network of experienced subcontractors, including lighting and metal workers, enables us to execute even the most complex designs with precision and ease.



“We have ordered a set of custom made tables from Hardwood HK. The unique old elm slab used to build them has definitely brought some of the atmosphere we were looking for in our Japanese restaurant.”

Ray C., Co-Owner Nomu

Hardwood Hong Kong
Some of more popular wood types
Hardwood Hong Kong

Black Walnut

Dark & Elegant

Hardwood Hong Kong


European Style & Durable

Hardwood Hong Kong


Light, Durable with Character

Hardwood Hong Kong

Rain Tree

Rich & Exotic


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