Wooden floors

Wooden Floors / coming soon

We specialise in producing wooden flooring for apartments, commercial spaces such as bars and restaurants. Our engineered wood flooring solutions are built to resist scratching and UV exposure.

Oak Flooring

Oak is a premium material used for flooring as it creates a natural, stylish and timeless atmosphere. The rustic character of Oak is achieved by the natural variation in grain patterns and small knots. To increase durability we recommend coating Oak floors with a transparent UV oil.

Ash Flooring

Ash flooring has superior hardness properties that ensure for great durability and scratch resistance. Ash flooring is also highly resistant to changes in humidity and temperature (which makes it a great choice for Hong Kong apartments). The light beige or even grey colour of ash wood creates a modern and friendly atmosphere. Ash floorboard does not attract dust and is, therefore, the preferred choice of people suffering from allergies. Ash flooring is often finished with matt lacquer or oil coating.

Beech Flooring

Beech flooring is hard and durable and comes with high levels of abrasion resistance. It is therefore often the preferred choice of Hong Kong restaurants, bars and other commercial spaces. Beechwood often features a wide range of colours – A single board can come with bright areas, as well as darker, even pink spots. This creates a ‘classic’ look.

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