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Handmade wooden Restaurant & Bar stools, tables, chairs and cabinets

Hardwood furniture will create an authentic and unique atmosphere for your restaurant or bar. By using a slab of wood from a tree that is over 100 years old you can add a touch of elegance, rustic or premium feel that will fit your brand and help draw in customers. The wide range of durable European and tropic wood types that we import finished with top brand wax oils are easy to maintain and will last for a long time. All our solutions are custom made in Hong Kong and can be tailored to perfectly fit your size requirements. Contact us to book a free consultation session with one of our professional interior designers.


“We have ordered a set of custom made tables from Hardwood HK. The unique old elm slab used to build them has definitely brought some of the atmosphere we were looking for in our Japanese restaurant.”

Ray C., Co-Owner Nomu

“I work with a team, building custom furniture in Hong Kong and I buy my lumber from Hardwood HK whenever possible. It’s impossible to find the same quality, variety and character of hardwood lumber anywhere else in the city, and I appreciate being able to conveniently check out the warehouse supply to choose my own pieces.”

Josh L. M. Manning – owner of SPRUE Furniture –

“Working with Hardwood Hong Kong has been great, love the oak board we bought from them”

Owner of Waso Cafe

Why Hardwood Hong Kong?
・Full Supply Chain Control with Europe based quality control team
・Humidity Controlled Hong Kong Warehouse
・Chairs are crafted in Hong Kong
・Work with an expert interior designer

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