We specialize in importing beautiful European wood to Hong Kong. We also get involved in local projects, transforming our timber into custom made products for clients. We supply restaurants, office and residential project fitting up contractors but we are also happy to deliver small orders for private clients. Our warehouse is currently stocked up with large live edge slabs and untrimmed boards. We are probably the only supplier of untreated wood with natural edge. We are located in Kwai Hing. Please feel free to contact us by Whatsapp to set up an appointment. For updates please follow our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HardwoodHK/

Living in Europe one gets used to having nature around. Wooden elements in building structures, stairs, window sills, old furniture, there is always the natural texture of grain under your fingers. Being able to go for a walk between the trees, touch them and smell the forest after the rain gives you a notion of inner peace. Living in Hong Kong, city of the highest density of urbanization people tend to get further from nature. Closed in concrete shells of apartments, in blue fluorescent light between mass-produced cardboard furniture we miss the touch of something unique, something natural. Processed products, printed, perfect wood like vinyl furniture finish can’t replace nature.

Poland is Europe’s leader in the forest area. The forests overgrow 9.1 million hectares which are 29.4% of the territory of Poland and the number is growing. Our forests are natural, unique, they are not like harvesting tree farms. In Hardwood_HK we have a mission to bring nature to your home. We source our wood from small local mills to make sure that our products are unique, we keep the natural edge, bark, we seek for the beautiful texture of the grain. All our wood is first seasoned then kiln dried to reach moisture levels suitable for Hong Kong climate.

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